Quick Updates and Keep Your Computer Safe!

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If you have been reading my newsletters for a while, you know that we (my husband and I) are in the process of getting the last of the fire related cleanup / repairs done to our home. In fact I am writing this from a hotel room. All is going well and we hope to be done in less than a month. Fingers crossed! 

Life's journey is a path that often contains more curves than straightaways. It seems that since the fires, our roads have more curves and even switchbacks than ever before. Each day I'm grateful that I am moving forward on this road of life. 

In this issue, I have addressed the move to High Sierra, iOS 11, and included some helpful notes on security.


(iOS and Mac OS)

Mac OS

iOS High Sierra (10.13.4)

OK, with CAUTION; but I prefer Sierra 10.12.6

IF you have already upgraded, intentionally or not, OR you have a new computer that shipped with High Sierra, please be sure to install any security updates offered by Apple immediately and be sure that your OS is at 10.13.4 (released recently).

IF you haven't installed or had us install High Sierra, I am recommending a 'cautious' upgrade. By this I mean that the OS is pretty solid now for most users BUT - and this is a big one - IF you have a lot of older software that needs to keep running DO NOT upgrade. With each new OS, Apple is dropping support for more and more older software. 

As always - Please call us for assistance with your upgrade if you have questions or concerns. We are seeing a few issues with the install of High Sierra - it is a slow upgrade and requires some patience. Please plan to let the upgrade process proceed uninterrupted. Also - BE SURE TO HAVE A CURRENT BACKUP before you start.

You can check which version of the Mac OS you are running by clicking on the Apple Menu and selecting 'About This Mac'.


This is my current recommended, very stable OS for your computer. It has been updated enough to have the majority of the bugs/glitches out and third-party support is very widespread.

Mac OS El Capitan (10.11.6)

Apple will most likely stop supporting this OS in the next few months. BUT in the meantime they just released an important security and Safari updates to address the Intel vulnerability. Please be sure to install it!!!

iOS for iPhones and iPads

iOS 11.3

YES!  Assuming your devices is either new(er) OR IF your device is older (iPhone 6, 6s, or iPhone SE) and you have taken advantage of Apple's battery replacement program, be sure to update to 11.3 to get the most important security update addressing the Intel issue and give you more control of your battery life.



Your appointment includes:  

  • Verification your backup is current and complete
  • Verification your hardware meets upgrade system requirements
  • Quick computer diagnostic / verification 
  • Upgrade installation
    (NOTE: you will have time during installation to ask questions about your other devices - iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Post-upgrade verification of everyday software: e-mail, printing, web browser, word processing, etc. 

NOTE: If you have software specific concerns please have a list of questionable software ready for John before the upgrade.  

Call Today 707.573.9649

to book an appointment with John,
our Technology Simplified Tech / Trainer. 

*Offer is good through end of May. Discount applies only to major OS upgrades and requires a two-hour minimum appointment.


Here are some excellent links to keeping yourself safe when browsing the Internet OR handling your email. 

From Apple

How to identify legitimate emails from Apple

How to Avoid Common Scams

From Federal Trade Commission

What to know and do about scams in the news

From Intego
NOTE - I am NOT recommending the installation of their software at this time. 

Top 10 Online Scams to Watch Out For



iPad Just the Basics - updated for iOS 11

All ages

Wednesday, May 30th and June 6th

10:00am - 11:30am

This is a hands-on class that covers all the basic functionality of your iPad including what the icons on the screen mean, what the physical buttons do, and how to customize what is on your screen. We will also briefly cover emailing, contacts, and calendars. NOTE: This is a two part class. What we don't cover the first day will be covered the following week. This class includes a workbook so you can follow along. 

Please sign up online or at the front desk in advance. 

Windsor Senior Center

9231 Foxwood Drive, Windsor, CA 95492


$45 for residents / $50 for non-residents


  1. Click on this link
  2. Select "Senior Programs" from choices on the left
  3. Scroll Down the list of Course Categories on the Right to: 

    "Senior Computer - iPad", click "Show Courses"

  4. This page will have all the information you need to sign up.