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Getting the most out of your MacBook, iPad, iPhone — and all things Apple —
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Ronnie teaches with wisdom, humor and heart; learning happens naturally, and it’s fun!
— Linda Liscom & Ed Power


Technology doesn’t have to be complex. Our aim is to demystify your tech tools so you can feel the excitement and possibility the world of technology offers. We don’t just focus on fixing a problem. We take a broader perspective that evaluates your whole technology system, making sure everything works together optimally. Then we give you all the tools and training you want to get the most out of your products and have fun at the same time.


Mac computer training in Santa Rosa


Our seasoned team of experts untangles your technology for you. You don’t have to know how to do it yourself or even know how to ask the right question. You can count on us to figure out the issue. But sometimes a little knowledge goes a long way, and if you want to learn we’re glad to teach you. With a patient and gentle approach, we listen to you. Then we help you understand the whole tech puzzle, connecting the dots.


Software glitches, connectivity issues or user errors — whatever isn’t working the way you want it to — our team of experts can troubleshoot the issue. We’ll explain the causes, suggest solutions and fix the problem. Then we empower you with the tools to understand what we did. In simple, non-tech English we unravel the mystery of your technology system.

Certified Apple Experts

Whether it’s syncing your devices to iCloud or connecting a new printer to your computer, our team of Apple-certified experts can help. We’ll bring our know-how to your home or office, sharing our resources and solving problems on the spot. Plus, we’re able to support compatible, non-Apple products and software programs.

Ronnie Roche_Mac Integration Certified Associate
Apple Consultants Network
Thank You for the very informative newsletter that recently arrived. It is a treat to learn info about the systems without having to wade through pages of jargon. Besides learning “stuff” I also develop more confidence with my computer scheme. It is comforting to know if I wander out onto “thin ice” a phone call will probably save me. I find your newsletters the most instructive thing I read about my iMac family of products.
— Dick Green