Kissing Summer Goodbye

Rocks on a beach

Vacations are a wonderful thing, especially if you get to spend quality time with someone you love and have lots of fun together. This is what I did for two weeks in August. My sister and I spent time in Monterey, went to some fun events here in Sonoma county, and in both places we sat on the beach doing nothing but resting and listening to the ocean. Extremely rejuvenating and relaxing. I'd like to say that I stacked the rocks in this photo but they were just a gift left by some prior beach visitor.

Of course life goes on and change is a part of moving forward. Technology Simplified is saying goodbye to Rob Downard - he has made the decision to return to SRJC full time. Rob has been with us since 2014 and we will miss him. Please join us in wishing him the best as he explores and works toward the next phase of his life.

John will be increasing his hours to be sure all your consulting needs are met.


As a followup to last month's article on a digital assistanthere is a great article on what the various devices can/cannot do.

Apple is gearing up for some big announcements as I mentioned in last month's newsletter. Rumor has it the news will be released during September. We will keep you updated. In the meantime schedule your Tune Up appointment soon so you are ready to upgrade when the time is right. (See our Tuneup offer below!)

IF you are local, here is a great opportunity to learn more about security, ID theft, and safety in this fast changing world. Even better-it's free!! *This is an open to the public meetup.

Identify Theft, Frauds, Scams and Internet Security

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Finley Center
2060 W College Ave
Santa Rosa, CA

A FREE presentation open to the public. Tell your friends!
John Guaraglia, 19 year volunteer from the Santa Rosa Police Department Community Outreach will present the latest in Identify Theft, Frauds and Scams, how to identify them and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Additionally, NCMUG will present on how computer users can spot computer threats and best practices to avoid them.

In the meantime please join me at the Windsor Senior Center for a brand new 'iPad Mastery' class!! Registration links are below.

This class is limited to 10 students and it is fully hands on.


Windsor iPad class

iPad Mastery in Windsor
Wednesday, September 20th and Wednesday, September 27th
10:00am - 11:30am

Now that you know how to get around your iPad and use some of the built in Apps you are ready for more!! Topics covered will include an in depth look at customizing your iPad, tips and tricks for making your iPad easier to use. Take control of understanding iCloud and how it works with your Apple ID. See how Safari works as you learn to surf the web and find what you need. Learn how to take and share photos. We will also look at some favorite third party Apps that help in the kitchen, with travel, and more. This class will be taught in a lecture format as well as hands-on; participants are required to bring their own iPads to class. This class assumes a working knowledge of navigating your iPad, sending Mail, etc. Class content can be adjusted to the skill level of the attendees, based upon what works for the majority.


  1. Click on this link
  2. Select "Senior Programs" from choices on the left
  3. Scroll Down the list of Course Categories on the Right to: 

    "Senior Computer - iPad", click "Show Courses"

  4. This page will have all the information you need to sign up.


Is technology addicting

I am willing to bet you have a grandchild, child, or even spouse who seems to have their cell phone in their hand 24 hours a day. If they do happen to put it away for a few minutes - say during a meal - they will find an excuse to pick it up again before the meal is over. Cell phone addiction has become a real concern in today's over connected society. There are numerous studies about the topic and we have all read the news horror stories of accidents caused by people either texting or even just talking on their phones while driving or walking!! Numerous states have some sort of law on the books that prohibits texting and / or using a hand held cell phone while driving. However just driving around town I can see that the 'hands free' law that California has is nothing more than a bandaid and it's abused often. British Columbia has some of the strictest laws and largest fines in place and when we were there no one was on a cell phone!! Very refreshing!!

Here are a few more articles on the topic:

With iOS 11, Apple is adding a new safety feature called Do Not Disturb. When you're driving, just drive. Your iPhone can now sense when you might be driving and prevent you from being distracted by calls, text messages, and notifications. People trying to reach you can automatically be notified that you're driving. I can't wait to try this one out!! I have seen it in action in the beta version of iOS 11 - very cool.;

As technology becomes more entrenched in our lives it will be interesting to see what manufacturers of phones and cars will do next to keep us safe.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. You can head to my blog and make a comment or two!!


Your Summer Tune-Up includes:  

Tune Up Special
  • Basic verification and repair (as possible) of your Mac OS operating system and hard drive. Updates to the same.
  • Updating any third-party software you run. Removal of any questionable / outdated software.
  • Verification and  consultation about your backups.
  • Verification of syncing your iOS devices.
  • Each appointment includes approximately 30 - 45 minutes of time for questions and/or training.

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* Offer does not apply to troubleshooting / diagnostics or major Mac OS upgrades. Appointments must be booked by 9/21/2017 and completed by 10/12/2017. Limited to the first 20 appointments.