The Love in The Air is Thicker Than the Smoke

Dear clients,  


Our hearts go out to everyone in this county, especially to those of you who have lost your homes. We all know someone who was evacuated. John, Nancy and I had to leave our homes in the middle of the night but were able to return to our somewhat smoky but intact homes - we feel so grateful. We all know someone who lost a home, business or maybe even a friend, family member or beloved pet. We may have lost a favorite restaurant, veterinarian, or dry cleaners and so on. It doesn't really matter how or where you have experienced a loss, we have all been affected by this disaster on many levels. Our hope for you is that your family and friends come through this safely and with growing strength to move forward.

Over the next few years as Sonoma County rises again from the ashes, we will all heal and become stronger. Our team at Technology Simplified is ready to support individuals and our community to aid a full recovery.

Each of you is in a unique situation, but with respect to computer and digital device issues, we find the following three as most common. We'd love to assist you to get back on track if you are in any of these situations, or something different all together. We can do what we do best- simplify your technology and help you leverage what technology has to offer you.


Total loss and you need help replacing your computers, devices, back ups and networks.

  • Help you assess needs, choose and purchase new systems and devices
  • Acquire and install your software
  • Customize tutorials and training to meet your needs
  • When possible restore your data from backups or other devices
  • Create a back up system to reduce risk

Evacuated and returned to any of a variety of issues, e.g., connecting to network, wi fi or printers, want to move your system, need to sync computers to iPhone and iPads, lost data or just need a check up.

  • Reconnect your network and devices
  • Verify your computer's integrity 
  • Clean up / tuneup your computer and or iOS device
  • Identify and troubleshoot any issues
  • Help you relocate your equipment
  • Create a backup system to reduce risk
  • Provide tutoring or training

At home thinking about back ups in case of another emergency.

  • Check your current back up system
  • Suggest improvements to your current set up
  • Analyze and recommend a new back up system
  • Install new back up system or devices
  • Train you on how to use the back up system
  • Train you how to make your system portable

To ease the burden of getting your technology back up and running again, we would like to offer 10% off all services through November 30th.*


Certainly there are many who could benefit from our assistance. If you would like to refer someone you know and they become a new client, we'd like to give you a 10% discount on your next appointment!! 

*If you pay travel charges they will still apply this offer is good for all services.


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