Just Say No to Upgrades

Upgrades, Oh my!


As usual, we waited for the "bugs" to be worked out of the latest MAC OS, Sierra/High Sierra. When it felt safe, I announced that it was time to upgrade and for months, I have been recommending  a computer tune up and the install of today's most current version of Apple MAC OS for your computers (either 10.13.6 or 10.12.6). Staying up to date is important as the with each release, Apple improves the abilities to keep you as secure as possible. By now, many of you have smoothly made the transition to Sierra or High Sierra. So we're on track, right? 

On September 24, Apple will release an even newer version of the Apple MAC OS, called Mojave. It is brand new, thus will contain many quirks and problems that need to be ironed out. Please remain on SIERRA/HIGH SIERRA while these issues get taken care of! When it is safe to upgrade to Mojave, I will be announcing it to you. In the meantime, when you are offered the upgrade to Mojave just say NO - typically this means choosing 'later' from the notification.


Even sooner, on September 17, Apple will release a new version of the iOS for iPhones and iPads called iOS 12. Just say NO for now while any hidden bugs are uncovered and squashed. When you see the offer to update, just say "NOT NOW" and "REMIND ME LATER." We do expect to give a green light to iOS 12 soon as it does improve performance of older devices and aid security.

Older phone? 

Remember if you have an iPhone 7 or older get your battery replaced with a brand new one for $29 before the end of the year!!  Especially if you plan to keep your iPhone. Details are here.