Summertime and the Livin's Easy


I have always loved that song - especially the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  version!
You can enjoy it here.

August is always the time when summer seems to hit her peak and the days beckon us to be lazy and enjoy life. I plan to spend plenty of time with friends and family this month. I hope you have been able to do some fun things and spend plenty of time with loved ones this summer. Give yourself permission to remember what it is like to be a child this month. Take some time and look to the sky on those rare days we have clouds and see what you can find OR buy a bottle of dime store bubbles and have fun seeing how many you can blow at one time.

Apple slyly released new MacBook Pros (their high end laptop) on July 12. I was hands-on with one of these beautiful laptops this week and boy was it fast!! I really hope Apple keeps releasing new hardware. Rumor has it we will be seeing new iPads and possibly iPhones this fall. In the meantime, John (our amazing tech guru) says that the beta versions of  Mac OS Mojave (10.14) and iOS 12 are looking good. I am looking forward to all the new privacy features in both of these upcoming OS's. 

It has been awhile since I have given you some tips and tricks so there are some below!! Enjoy. 

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Yikes!! After 16 years, Apple is discontinuing offering all printing services through their Photos software. This means no more quick prints ordered from Apple, no more books, calendars, or cards. As of September 30, 2108 you will no longer be able to order any of these products directly from Apple. Apple has not made an official announcement but certain versions of Photos will give users a message with the notification. Apple wants users to work via third-party extensions that work inside Photos such as Shutterfly and Wix. Here is a good article on the why's behind this move. 

Look for more information in the September newsletter. I will be testing some of these extensions. NOTE: these extensions require Mac OS High Sierra!!!