Ronnie Roche of Technology Simplified in Santa Rosa
There has never been a challenge that Ronnie couldn’t solve - she is able to tailor her instruction to my skill level… She is kind, gentle and always cheerful.
— Ron Nicholson


Ronnie Roche, the heart of Technology Simplified by Design Solutions, has been supporting individuals and businesses with their technology for 20 years. But her training goes much further back then that.

While in college, Ronnie’s classmates would come to her for help with their computer issues — backing up their systems, organizing files, navigating software programs. She discovered that she had a natural understanding of technology. She’s one of those fortunate people for whom it “just makes sense.” An even bigger discovery was Ronnie’s talent for teaching. She has a knack for breaking down complex ideas and communicating them simply and clearly. She loves seeing that “AHA!” look come over a person’s face when they really understand. It’s why she loves to teach.

For Ronnie, helping clients with their technology is so much more than fixing problems. She has the ability to see a whole system from a broad perspective and then troubleshoot what needs attention. At once analytical and a genuine people person, Ronnie brings her whole self to her work, always making sure each client gets the personal service they deserve.

By 2010, Ronnie’s tech skills were in such great demand that she needed to expand. Now, with a reliable team of professionals, Ronnie is able to do more of what she loves most — teaching. She currently leads small-group classes throughout Sonoma County, sharing loads of tips and tricks for iPhones and iPads.

Degrees and certifications
BA Communications
Certified Apple Support Professional

Technology Simplified Team

John of Technology Simplified in Santa Rosa

John joined Ronnie more than two years ago. He loves both the software and hardware aspects of his job. But his true expertise is empowering clients so they can enjoy their technology.

Jillian of Technology Simplified in Santa Rosa

Ronnie’s right hand gal is Sarah. She handles the phones and technician scheduling. She is also the liaison to John and Ronnie for basic technical questions.